Seed Swaps are currently FREE for a limited time in our Beta Period! We're building the World’s trusted platform for peer-to-peer seed exchange. You only pay to request seeds, it’s free to create a profile and join a global network of seed guardians. Together we're creating research on crop diversity, rebuilding seed stocks and ensuring seed stays accessible to all.

Seed Swap

United Kindgom

Per swap
  • 1x Plotty Envelope
  • 1x Letter Stamp
  • 1x Large Letter Stamp
  • Up to 3 seeds per Envelope
  • International Mail
Seed Swaps are free (but limited) during our BETA trial.

Why pay to swap seeds?

Each time you request a seed exchange, plotty prints out an envelope with two stamps.

We first mail the seed envelope to the seed owner, who packs the seeds for you, the seed owner then removes the outer wrapper and forwards the inner envelope to you.

£3 covers the cost of the envelope, postage costs and a small fee to cover running costs.

If you have any questions, or you're interested in advertising
on our envelopes to help us cover our platform costs.  Get in touch
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