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We put a people-powered seed exchange first, where users can swap a diverse variety of seeds and grow their own food.

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Our Mission
Free the Seeds

At plotty, our mission is to network gardeners together to grow their own food, diversify their crops and exchange seed.

We believe seeds should be wild and free, like this majestic pegasus.

Food security is a major issue but it’s too large of a problem for just anyone to tackle alone, with a global reach we can protect food security, increase biodiversity for the planet, and empower consumers in a climate generative movement.

Crops for the Future...

One of the biggest future challenges is food security and the impact of climate change on our crops. Through seed swaps, our mission is to preserve a wide variety of crops that could become our lifeline in a rapidly changing climate.

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Become a seed guardian. Find out how you can help.

Read more about people-powered seed

Seed Laws are complex, but we have selected a few articles where you can learn about how EU Seed Law are affecting food security and crop diversification.

Find out more about Contraband Tomatoes, Seeds of Resistance, the Freedom Seed Bank and check out what Gaia Foundation are doing with the Seed Sovereignty project.

Seed Sharing is a political act. People Powered Seed means that we can preserve the genetic diversity of our crops for future generations and access climate tolerant and niche varieties to grow at home. We want to ensure our food and nutrient security and create resilient, local food systems. Through saving and swapping seeds, seed guardians are keeping varieties alive that would otherwise go extinct.

You're the innovators. As our climate changes at an ever increasing rate, crop diversity is becoming more and more critical for resilient food production. Where a Cauliflower crop may fail in drought, Watermelon may have a bumper crop. But how do we learn about this and access this knowledge?

This platform gives you the opportunity to peer through the garden fence and see what varieties people are growing in your climate, by seeing what others are growing, you can not only gain inspiration but make informed decisions on what to grow that reduce your risk of crop failure.

You're the experts. Food Security is about more than just growing food, we need networks of people exchanging seed and more importantly, sharing their knowledge. Local food systems depend on an ecosystem of community in order to thrive.

Help us get everybody's gardens talking to one another and get people to join community gardens, allotments and attend plant, crop and seed swaps in their community. Even something as simple as selling excess veg with an honesty box at the top of your drive does wonders for the health of your local food system.

Leadership Team

FounderRaphaella Fearns
Raphaella Fearns